Price Is Right: Selective Supermarket Shopping For Your Health

They say the first rule of grocery shopping is, don’t go on an empty stomach. It’s true. It can lead to all sorts of temptations, like the smell from the bakery or that fried chicken. Walk away! If you have a grocery list, you are already a star. Organize the list into sections such as fresh produce, dairy, etc.

supermarket shopperI shop the perimeter of the supermarket first to find produce, meat, fish and dairy. Most times, those foods are all I need for my family.
I keep track of sell-by dates so I know when I will use those products. I hate wasting food. By the weekend, the fridge and cabinets are bare – just the way I like it.


I love the produce department, so colorful and full of nutrients. Each color reflects the different vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient content of each item. I didn’t grow up with many fruits and vegetables, but I have developed a taste for them. On Sundays, I make a big salad, ready for dinner and lunch the next day.

If you work upfront, it’s easier to stay on track. When I know I’m baking potatoes or roasting chicken, I also roast vegetables at the same time. I like to feel that what I put into my body is doing me good. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate and ice cream, but I try to keep
them in small portions. If it’s in the house, I eat it, so I try not to have those temptations.


Don’t forget dairy products. Low-fat milk for cereal is a perfect way to get the calcium you need. Add a banana and you’re set to start your day. Yogurt comes in many forms now, but check the sugar content. My current favourite is plain. I add fresh strawberries or a little honey.
When I go to the middle aisles, I pick up a few items like coffee and canned goods, such as beans and tomatoes (low sodium, of course) for soups, stews and chicken or vegetable stock.

When it comes to bread, I look for high fiber, low sugar. Just because it says whole wheat doesn't mean it is good for you. It’s important to read all labels. You will be stunned to see the amount of sugar some foods contain. It takes a bit of time, but you will find a product that suits you and you can stick with. Your palate adjusts quicker than you think.

If you are looking for frozen meals as a quick go-to for work lunch, choose meals low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Edited from an article submitted by Kristin Halldorsdottir, a registered nurse with the Florida Department of Health, which also supplied the photograog.