New Radiation Machine At Baptist Hospital Delivers Hope For Cancer Patients


healthmanGroundbreaking radiation therapy technology, called TrueBeam STxâ„¢, now gives doctors at Baptist Hospital of Miami the ability to treat many cancers that were previously difficult to treat because of their location near vital organs such as the heart or spinal cord or because of the tumor’s natural tendency to move within the body. 

TrueBeam STx is versatile and can be used for all of the types of radiation therapy the hospital offers. Baptist is the only facility in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties to acquire the technology. “TrueBeam STx has the ability to essentially target or ‘lock on’ to the tumor by checking thousands of location points every 10 milliseconds and selectively delivers radiation only when the tumor comes into range. 

This ability allows us to safely and effectively treat a greater number of complex cancers,” said Alan Lewin, M.D., medical director of radiation oncology at Baptist.  “And, by incorporating RapidArc® technology, it shortens treatment time from hours to minutes.”

The new technology maximizes radiation to the tumor and minimizes exposure to healthy, surrounding tissue by precisely sculpting the radiation beam to the tumor.  Avoiding radiation to healthy tissue means a higher dose of radiation can be used.  “The higher dose, speed and precision of TrueBeam STx give patients an increased chance for cure while also minimizing side effects,” said Dr. Lewin.

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