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Theo Chambers slated as keynote speaker at the First Health Food Festival


Theo Chambers, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Panama Medical Tourism portal will be a keynote speaker at the First International Health Food Festival in Panama (Festival Internacional de Comida Sana). Chambers has partnered with Eric De Ycaza, Co-founder and CEO, to produce one of the most comprehensive portals, envisioned as the premier site for Medical Tourism in Panama.

Chambers will speak under his LatinCaribe Wellness Network brand, the trade show and conference production arm of PanaCarib, Panama. He is the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of PanaCarib, an Internet marketing communications and management Company. A pioneer in health and wellness tourism in Jamaica and the Caribbean over the past ten years, Theo Chambers and his team produced the first wellness conference in Panama entitled: VeggieFest Caribbean & Latin America Wellness Festival, April 10 -11, 2010 at Parque Omar.

A continuation of the growth of the emerging Health & Wellness industry in Panama, the conference, themed Healthy Eating for a Healthy Planet, will take place November 21, 2010 at the Colegio La Salle, Cangrejo, Panama from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Entrance is free.

The event is organized by the Fundacion Sadhu Vaswani, an organization based in Panama, with historical connections to the age-old vegetarian culture of India. The festival's mission is to share with Panamanians the healthy lifestyle culture that is sweeping the globe, and to educate the local population about the importance and benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle not only for our own health, but more important in this day and age, for the health of our planet.

The Festival promises to have a positive impact on participants and will become an annual calendar event in Panama as a showcase for the new generation who are keenly interested in a healthy lifestyle, in protecting the environment and concerned about global warming.

The event will target two areas: Wellness and Culture. The Wellness Segment will feature: Panel and conference presentations covering Gastronomy, Vegetarian Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation and Healthy lifestyle.

The Culture Segment will have: live music, national and international cultural dance performances with international artists from the United States, as well as, Panama's own Cuna, Diablos, Congos and Conjunto Tipico. There will be demonstrations of Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, etc. The producers anticipate that these Cultural attractions will ensure a big turnout at the Festival.

Primarily a consumer production, the First International Health Food Festival promises a complete showcase of Health and Wellness, Healthy Foods, Talent, Culture & Entertainment. This event is not to be missed.