Fort Lauderdale, Florida (July 22, 2016) — Local business leaders join together with March of Dimes through the March for Babies campaign to raise funds to prevent preterm birth and give more babies a healthy start in life. Today, we are pleased to announce that Debra Smyers, senior vice president of Medical Management for Sunshine Health, has accepted the role of 2017 March for Babies Chair. Smyers, a longtime healthcare executive, advocate and licensed nurse, is a proud mother and grandmother, making her commitment to healthy moms and babies both personal and meaningful.

Commissioner Sosa advanced legislation asking our federal and state governments for assistance in providing free Zika virus testing for pregnant women. Moreover, the resolution calls for the test to be incorporated as standard protocol during prenatal care. Although the Zika virus can cause mild symptoms in adults, its effect on developing fetuses is far more severe.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 15, 2016: Natural healing! It’s becoming more and more popular as people move towards lifestyle habits with health-promoting potential that cost little to nothing and include getting sensible sun exposure and grounding to the Earth. Here are five places in the Caribbean you should know with purported natural healing qualities:

Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes: Medical Officer (Health) at the St. Elizabeth Health Services, Dr. Tonia Dawkins-Beharie explains how to apply mosquito repellent to the skin to keep away mosquitoes while Chief Public Health Inspector, Mr. Everod Lewis demonstrates.

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