KINGSTON, Jamaica – Sacred Heart University in the United States is helping to chip away at health problems affecting Jamaica, especially in struggling areas of the capital Kingston, where the need is greatest. According to Shery Watson, who recently led a team of 26, including nursing students and medical doctors, the mission is “to provide medical care to the poor, to the impoverished communities.”
GENEVA, Switzerland – The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on Caribbean and other countries to start using immediately the updated guidelines to reduce sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in response to the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. In issuing the new guidelines last month, WHO said chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis are all caused by bacteria, adding that they are generally curable with antibiotics. However, WHO said these STIs often go undiagnosed, “and they are becoming more difficult to treat, with some antibiotics now failing as a result of misuse and overuse.”
FLORIDA – University of Florida (UF) researchers say have identified a patient in Haiti with a serious mosquito-borne illness that has never before been reported in the French-speaking Caribbean community (CARICOM) country. Known as “Mayaro virus”, it is closely related to chikungunya virus and was first isolated in Trinidad in 1954.
How’s this for a holiday gift: Enjoy good times, good parties and all your favorite food and drinks – without packing on extra pounds. The key is no secret. Use moderation at all those dinners, family gatherings, faith-based events and other festivities. “With some planning, smarts and a bit of self-control, you can have a fantastic time without overindulging,” says Dr. Paula Thaqi, Director of the Florida Department of Health in Broward County.
MIAMI, FL – November 10, 2016 — Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida has expanded two of its signature cancer care departments, with the additions of psychosomatic psychiatrists Sylvia Fernandez, M.D., Geetha Nampiaparampil, M.D. and psychologist Regina Melchor, Psy.D to its Cancer Patient Support Center.
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