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childhood obesityFamily reunion season has arrived!  Family reunions give families a chance to reconnect with loved ones from across the country, reflect on fond memories, share news and achievements, and welcome new additions.  

Food is a big part of the celebration.  From recipe swaps to barbeque bragging rights, many of the most cherished memories involve eating.  But while grandma's famous fried chicken and auntie's sweet potato pie may be mouth-wateringly delicious, they are also high in fat and calories.  As a result, instead of creating healthy traditions, we may be inadvertently passing down to our children a legacy of obesity.

State Representative Anitere Flores (R, 114) will join The League Against Cancer and other local elected officials for a news conference on Wednesday, August 11th at 11:00 AM at the League Against Cancer office (2180 SW 12th Avenue, Miami, FL 33129) to announce the new donation campaign to benefit The League Against Cancer.

During the 2010 Legislative Session, Representative Flores sponsored an amendment to permit the Department of Motor Vehicles applicants that are either applying for or renewing their State of Florida driver's license to make a voluntary contribution to the League Against Cancer.

10717 b7 rgb5When fingers get pointed in debates over the obesity epidemic in the United States, technology sometimes shoulders some of the blame. Time in front of computer screens or television is often listed as part of the reason why Americans aren't as healthy as they have been in the past.

But the truth is there are also technological advances that have the potential to guide you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle, whether that is eating right, exercising or keeping tabs on vital numbers that are important to your health. Take smart phone applications for example. Nowadays, you can find applications for just about anything in life that might capture your interest, and healthy living is no exception.

Baptist Health International Center of Miami, a division of Baptist Health South Florida, hosted the Second Annual Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute International Symposium recently. More than 50 physicians in the fields of internal medicine, cardiology, interventional radiology and vascular surgery from Latin America and the Caribbean attended the two-day conference held at Baptist Hospital's Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute in Miami.

Symposium directors Barry T. Katzen, M.D., founder and medical director of Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, and Niberto Moreno, M.D., chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Baptist Health South Florida, together with co-director Antonio Brice, M.D., presented the latest advancements in the field.