20131002095324Linda Epps has spent her career caring for others. Yet this self-employed Home Health Care provider has struggled to maintain her own healthcare. “I just couldn’t afford it on my salary” she confessed with misty eyes.

Epps has been without health insurance for seven years. Five years ago she was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Without insurance she has not been able to properly care for herself and take the suggested medication to control her sugar levels.

Approximately one third of parents who experience the death of an infant go on to suffer from clinical depression or clinical post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) up to 13 months after the event, according to research by FIU nursing professors.

Published in Pediatrics this week, the study “Parent health and functioning 13 months after infant or child NICU/PICU death,” was conducted by JoAnne Youngblut, Ph.D., and Dorothy Brooten, Ph.D., of the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences.

Miami-Dade’s top business chambers, including the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce and Chamber South, passed resolutions in support of the bond initiative to modernize the Jackson Health System. Citing the benefits of Jackson’s exceptional reputation for quality care, the Chambers are urging their members and the community at large to vote in favor of the bond on November 5th.

"The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's leadership recognizes the critical role of Jackson in our community today and as an important part of our community's economic development for the future," stated Alberto Dosal, chairman of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. "The vote by the Board of Directors shows this Chamber's continuing support for our community's hospital."

$10M names Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nicole-and-Herbert-WertheimFIU’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine has a new companion, the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences, named by Dr. Herbert Wertheim in honor of his companion of 44 years, his beloved wife Nicole. The $10 million gift embodies the Wertheim family’s commitment to clinical and interdisciplinary research, preventive care, and the belief that the best health care is delivered when doctors and nurses work in unison.

“This gift brings together two important passions of mine: healthcare and FIU,” said Dr. Wertheim, whose involvement with the university spans three decades. “I am a fortunate man to share these passions with my family and be in a position to commemorate that commitment in honor of the love of my life, Nicole. This gift reflects the love we have for our community and is a pledge to create more high quality health professionals, who will collaborate for the benefit of our community.”