A Caribbean man suffering from heart failure now has a new lease on life following the successful installation of an artificial heart pump (LVAD - Left Ventricular Assist Device) by the medical team at the recently opened Health City Cayman Islands.

Believed to be the first such treatment performed in the Caribbean, Health City Cayman Islands officials explained that at advanced stages of heart failure, when the organ has become severely weakened and unable to pump sufficient blood to the entire body, the most promising forms of treatment are either heart transplant or the implantation of devices that support the failing heart and takeover of its functions.

Dr. Aileen Marty left Miami on Thursday on her way to Nigeria, where she will join a team of experts from around the world to help fight the Ebola virus.

Marty, who teaches at the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, was recruited by the World Health Organization to serve with the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network.

With over three decades of experience, Keith Chin will lead the TDC

The Board of Directors of the Tourism Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TDC) have announced the appointment of Keith Chin as the organization’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective August 4, 2014.

Mr. Chin has over thirty-two years of experience in middle and senior executive management roles at several private and public sector organizations. His extensive work profile includes Business Planning and Development, Corporate and Strategic Planning, Marketing, Human Resource and General Management.

People at a high risk for lung cancer are eligible to detect this deadly disease in its early stages when it’s easier to treat and survival rates are better Baptist Health South Florida announced the launch of the first lung cancer screening program in South Florida for people who run a high risk of developing lung cancer.

“Studies show that the earlier lung cancer is detected, the better the chance of surviving the deadly disease,” said Mark Dylewski, M.D., chief of thoracic surgery and medical director of thoracic robotic surgery at Baptist Health South Florida. “We are looking at moderate to heavy smokers whose lifestyles and family history places them at a higher risk of developing the disease.”