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333Miami, Florida---Volunteers with  Women's Breast Health Initiative, Florida Affiliate (WBHI) in Miami Lakes, will unveil a groundbreaking new awareness campaign in the fight against both Breast Cancer & Heart Disease. The initiative, called One in Three * One in Eight, will be introduced during its annual Open The Door Reception on May 10th at the Hotel & Resort Turnberry Isle Miami in Aventura, Florida.  The new campaign shares the daunting statistics about breast cancer and heart disease through a bold graphic featuring eight women of various backgrounds and professions. The 3rd woman in the graphic is highlighted in red to symbolize her death from heart disease and the eighth woman is highlighted in pink to symbolize her breast cancer diagnosis.

WBHI CEO/Founder Andrea Ivory, a breast cancer survivor, says it makes sense to combine awareness efforts for both breast cancer and heart disease-the number one killer of women. "The reality is one in three women will die from heart disease. One in eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer. These two diseases combined are taking countless women each year. As a result, we must be even more vigilant in our efforts," Ivory said.

fruit snacksParents often struggle to get their children to forgo unhealthy snacks in favor of healthy options.

Healthy snacks are just as important for kids as healthy meals, as a nutritious lunch can easily be offset by the empty calories of junk food snacks.

Even if your children scoff at carrot sticks and reach for the cookies instead, there are simple ways to motivate them to snack better.


With spring comes changes in weather. While most would agree that spring weather is more favorable than winter, the change can play havoc on our health.

The human body is continually defending itself from the outside world. The immune system is responsible for shielding us from things in the environment which cause harm. To do this, different cells, organs and tissues have to work together. Some of these systems have many functions while others are more specific. For example the digestive system not only removes and absorbs nutrients from foods we eat but it also destroys organisms in foods that would make us sick.


Merriam-Webster.com’s online dictionary defines “diversity” as “the condition of having or being composed or differing elements, especially the inclusion of different types of people, of different races or cultures, in a group or organization”.

Jamaican American Ricardo M. Forbes, 65, the corporate vice president and chief diversity officer for Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF), seems culturally-made – or born – for his top-level administrative position with South Florida’s largest private employer, and for the monumental changes taking place in American health care today.