Did you use a condom the last time you had sex? If your answer to this is no, you may be at risk of contracting HIV. Currently there are over 32,000 Jamaicans living with the virus and each day over three (3) new persons are infected. Notably the treatment surrounding HIV has vastly evolved over the years, allowing persons living with HIV to live a long and healthy life; but scientists and researchers are yet to discover a cure.  Just a couple weeks ago several civil society organizations recognized International Condom Day; on February 13 with one simple message; “use a condom every time!”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) says it is preparing eight Caribbean countries for laboratory diagnosis of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Florida Department of Health is encouraging unvaccinated residents of the state to get flu shots as soon as possible.

The Florida Legislature last month passed a bill which will require girls under age 18 in the state to get permission from their parents before they can have an abortion.

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