Washington, DC, (PAHO/WHO) — It’s been more than 25 years since the Caribbean reported its last case of indigenous measles. But the risk of imported cases has persisted because measles continues to circulate in countries around the world.

MIAMI GARDENS, FL  October is “Take Your Loved One to The Doctor” (TYLOD) month, and Live Healthy Miami Gardens is excited to join forces with the City of Miami Gardens and Health Foundation of South Florida to encourage residents of Miami Gardens to take themselves and their loved ones to the doctor all year.

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson on October 9 welcomed Taranique Thurston at her first medical appointment at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she will receive treatment for a potentially life-threatening brain cyst. Taranique, 16, faced a major challenge before she was able to travel to Miami from the Bahamas, due to her immigration status. She is considered stateless because her parents were not married and her mother, who is of Haitian descent, had not yet received Bahamian citizenship at the time of her birth. As a result, Bahamian law does not recognize Taranique as a citizen.

The Princess Alice hospital is the first hospital in the Eastern Caribbean Region to have been fully refitted to smart standards to protect the health of the population against climate change-related events.

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