Jamaica has given reggae to the world and now health officials are using the catchy musical genre in a fight against the Zika virus. As the mosquito-borne virus which health officials say can now be transmitted through semen spreads across the Caribbean and Latin America, the Jamaica government has released a catchy PSA video that urges nationals to clean up to avoid the Zika virus.
The United States has lifted a ban on the importation of various vegetables and citrus fruits from the Dominican Republic.Last month, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture said the lifting of the ban affects 23 of the 30 Dominican provinces, which does not include the country’s eastern districts, where the presence of the Mediterranean fruit fly, which attacks vegetables and tropical fruits, was detected last year.
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) says it is working with Caribbean governments to “to prevent, detect and respond” to the Zika virus. Last month, PAHO said starting in Mar. 2014, and through the first week of 2016, 14 countries and territories of the Americas, including the Caribbean, have reported cases of Zika infection.
The United States military command, otherwise known as Southern Command or SouthCOM, says in 2015 its medical professionals provided health care to more than 150,000 people in 14 nations in Latin America and the Caribbean during humanitarian-focused training exercises.
SRHA Honours Best Health Centre: Senior Public Health Nurse at the Christiana Health Centre in Manchester, Christiana Goulbourne-Wright accepts an award from Regional Director of the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA), Michael Bent while members of staff look on.
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