The public health officials from the Manchester Health Services shared information on preventing dengue fever and eliminating mosquito breeding sites with scores of residents from Allison in Manchester at the Assemblies of the First Born Church in the community on Wednesday, January 23. The health team also assisted the community members with establishing a health committee which will support spreading awareness about the dengue fever and eliminating mosquito breeding sites.

SANTIAGO, Chile – A new United Nations report indicates, for the third consecutive year, the number of people chronically hungry has increased in the Caribbean and Latin America, while 250 million – 60 percent of the regional population -is obese or overweight, representing the biggest threat to nutritional health.

Teenagers will teach younger children how to swim under SPUD (Students Preventing Unintentional Drowning), a new after-school project created by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) in Broward County.

The Public Health Inspectors (PHI) in Clarendon are being lauded for initiating a programme that trains Chinese nationals and their Jamaican workers in food safety, in order to improve the standards in their establishments. 

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