Vincent Bugliosi, the former prosecutor turned crime author, who died last Saturday at age 80, was best known as the Los Angeles County deputy district attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson and three followers for the Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969. The gruesome case riveted the country, and soon after the trial, Bugliosi and Curt Gentry wrote the definitive book about the murders and trial, Helter Skelter:
Kamel Daoud is an Algerian journalist who lives in Oran.The Meursault Investigation, his debut novel (reviewed below), revisits Albert Camus's The Stranger, and the death of the unnamed Arab, as narrated by his brother. The book won the Prix Goncourt du Premier Roman and the Prix François Mauriac, and is translated from the French by John Cullen.
Jamie Anderson knows the risks of being a cop's wife: her husband, Mike, faces danger on the job every day. But when Mike's partner is seriously wounded in a shooting, Jamie watches helplessly as Mike becomes mired in guilt and grief. After Mike goes back to work, he's involved in the death of a Hispanic teenager--but this time Mike is the shooter. As the story hits the local news and he withdraws deeper into himself, Jamie struggles to keep their family afloat.
As the Internet's cabinet of curiosities continues to expand, the "winners" in the battle for our attention are those who find ways to connect different interests in new, revelatory ways. We recently connected with a writer inspired by seeing someone in a different way. The "street-wise stylish" Yahdon Israel lives in New York; one day, riding the A train, he saw a young guy, "wearing Reebok Kamikaze IIs, camouflage pants, a flannel shirt tied around his waist, a black graphic tee and a pair of lime green headphones."
The Writers Are Coming!  Bestselling novelist, Marlon James, celebrated poetess, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, and award-winning children’s book author, Tracey Baptiste, headline this year’s WORD! – A Caribbean Book Fest.  This annual coming together of authors, readers and literary curious returns on Saturday, June 6 to the Medgar Evers College campus in Brooklyn, NY - the world's largest Caribbean meeting.