From the MacArthur genius award winner, a beautifully written and revelatory look at the slave origins of a major northern American city
Caribbean-born immigrants have had pivotal roles in shaping the history and governance of the United States.
The name Trench Town often conjures up feelings of dread - violence, gang warfare, ghetto politics and poverty.
A former university librarian, author  makes her debut with the novel Mr. Rochester (just out from Grand Central Publishing), an intimate look at the life of one of literature's most moody men. Below Shoemaker describes the inciting event that led her down the dark and brooding path.
For a while, all my friends seemed to be obsessed with S-Town, the new podcast by the creators of Serial and This American Life. In it, host Brian Reed probes suspicious behavior in an Alabama town after a resident begs him to investigate an outrageous murder. It's just a bad town, he's told, and bad things happen in bad towns.
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