Friday, May 6 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm. 1-Day Publishing Seminar.  A great pitch is one of the most powerful and underestimated tools any writer can have in his/her quest to be published successfully. From landing an agent and a book deal, to self-publishing well, to getting traction online, to attracting media, to convincing booksellers that they must carry your book, to letting readers know why they should buy your book, the perfect pitch is the goose that will lay your golden publishing egg. Find out how to craft and dynamite pitch. And be sure to bring your pitch with you, even if it’s far from perfect!
The third box set of chapbooks from the African Poetry Book Fund is simply titled New-Generation African Poets: Tatu (Akashic Books). As editor Kwame Dawes (Duppy Conqueror) admits, "Perhaps it was subconscious doubt that led us to name the first box set in a manner that did not suggest a series." Following the initial Seven New-Generation African Poets, and subsequent Eight New-Generation African Poets, Tatu(a Swahili word for three) confirms "our faith and confidence that this is truly a series," because there is quite certainly nothing to doubt about the quality of poems collected here.
The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), an agency of the Ministry of Culture, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sports, has partnered with the National Health Fund, Nestle Jamaica and the National Road Safety Council for the 2016 Jamaica Creative Writing Competition & Exhibition in an effort to promote special topics that writers can consider when submitting their entries.
Thursday, March 24, 2016. 6:30 p.m. | Books & Books @ the Arsht Center, 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Participants are led in a short, themed writing prompt. Those who want to, will read their work aloud. We'll take a break to drink, eat and socialize (your first drink is always on the house!) then we start the whole process over again.
Derek Walcott, the 1992 Nobel Prize winner for literature, was among the first knighted by St. Lucia as the island celebrated its 37th anniversary of political Independence from Britain last month. Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy announced that Walcott, 86, who has won many literary awards, has been named a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Lucia for “exceptional and outstanding service to national importance to St. Lucia.”
The tradition of the sexy wall calendar is robust--New York firefighters, the Warwick rowing team. Ciara Ryan chose to build upon this artistic form in 2010 to support Bóthar, an Irish charity that works through local community groups to help overcome hunger, poverty and environmental decline. For this project, she selected her subjects carefully: Irish farmers.
March 1 - March 31, 2016  Miami Book Fair celebrates reading with The Big Read, featuring a month of events and activities inspired by Edwidge Danticat's Brother, I'm Dying, including a photography exhibit by photojournalist Carl Juste, film screenings and Q&A with directors, a bilingual theatre performance, author presentations, a Big Night in Little Haiti celebration, happy hour writing events, an open mic and more!
When cookbook author Padma Lakshmi, of Top Chef, pitched the publisher Ecco, she originally considered writing a healthy diet book. But she realized that what she had to write would be more than a lifestyle book. Herein lies the beauty of Love, Loss, and What We Ate: her bravery shines. When Padma was young, her mother left her in their native India with her grandparents to escape the stigma of being divorced and forge a new life for them in New York City.
What makes a good bedtime picture book for toddlers? It's not an absolute necessity that bedtime books feature rabbits, but bunnies are strangely tranquilizing. It's not a must that bedtime books rhyme hypnotically, but it helps. All bedtime books don't have to end with the child or animal fast asleep, but everyone knows sleeping can be contagious. The following three 2016 picture books are all charming, and all end with closed eyes. Results not guaranteed.
Adults often buy children's books as romantic gifts for other adults on Valentine's Day, and we heartily endorse this practice. When customers ask for Valentine's Day gift advice, Cristin Stickles from New York City's McNally Jackson Books stands by the classic little red square book I Like You(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, illustrated by Jacqueline Chwast.
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