Miami - Catch a film with a literary theme, grab a libation with journalists at a Sob Sisters mingle, and much more during the 35th anniversary of Miami Dade College’s (MDC) Miami Book Fair (MBF).  The largest and most comprehensive community-rooted literary gathering in the country will take place Nov. 11 – 18, including its acclaimed Street Fair, Nov. 16-18, at MDC’s Wolfson Campus in downtown Miami, but a few events will take place outside the Wolfson Campus.

The trend of adapting books into movies shows no sign of slowing. Here are a few popular books coming to the big screen this fall:

So what occurred to me, when I thought about this occasion, was "censorship lite." For instance, "curating"--the word du jour for bookstores. When the curating is well-tailored to the community, it usually means success for the retailer. I remember, when I worked at a large indie bookstore, how the staff curated the stock.

It's September and, while many kids are back in school, the very littlest still have a bit of time before they get to trot off to learn with their peers. For those who may feel that they're missing out, here are some fantastic board books that can be used for at-home color lessons and play.

"If you love football, you get good at blind spots and blind sides." -- Mark Leibovich, Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times

"It's hard to describe a novel as wholly original as She Would Be King. A retelling of the birth of Liberia through interconnected stories, the novel combines history, magic, and myth in one engrossing story.


One night a few weeks back, I was at my friend Emily's for dinner. I noticed a stack of books on her mantel and asked if she'd been enjoying any of them. Her answer was a hearty yes!

As much as I'd love to travel around the world trying local cuisines, à la the late, great Anthony Bourdain, my budget just doesn't allow for it. So instead, I travel on the plate whenever I can, exploring different regional foods with a stack of carefully selected cookbooks.

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