Roger Stone, former advisor to President Richard Nixon and New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy-the Case against LBJ, gives us the inside scoop on Nixon’s rise and fall in Watergate in his new book, Nixon’s Secrets in bookstores now.
Victoria Mutual Building Society, along with several other sponsors, namely, Caribbean Frozen Foods, Jamaica Bedding Company Ltd, Davidi Photo, Soul Rebel Productions. OJay Koolers, Watson &Associates, PA, Dr Sue and You, Ken Damally- have generously donated copies of the book "Ode to Miss Lou, From the Soul of Dr Sue" to the Jamaica Library service.
One hundred years ago, World War I began when the Austro-Hungarian Empire invaded Serbia in retaliation for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28. In a matter of weeks, Germany invaded France and neutral Luxembourg and Belgium, Austria-Hungary and Russia attacked each other, and Russia invaded Germany. Both sides believed the war would be over by the end of the year, but, of course, it lasted for another four years. By its end, some 16 million people had been killed and the maps of Europe and the Middle East were redrawn. Sadly, because of the short-sightedness of the victors, the settlement of the war sowed the seeds for World War II, an even deadlier, ghastlier war, and the redrawn borders didn't usually take ethnic and religious differences into account, setting the stage for many conflicts that continue to rage today.
This book is the English translation of Afrodescendientes en el Istmo de Panamá 1501 – 2012, which was published two years ago. Enrique Williams,a Panamanian graduate of York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will be the featured speaker and will offer an analysis of the importance of the issues dealt with in People of African Ancestry in Panama 1501 -2012. Following the formal presentation, there will be a “PanaBajan” intercultural exchange, to welcome the Barbadians and other visitors to Panama for the celebration of the Centennial of the Panama Canal. Carlos “Curly” Chambers’ group will provide live music.
While the United States claims to be the most powerful nation on Earth, China openly brands itself with the same prestige. This battle for world domination is by no means new, but a powerful and thought-provoking novel by Ian D. MacDonald makes it all the more vivid as the confrontation becomes militarized. ‘Massive Retaliation’ capitalizes on the author’s deep and passionate knowledge for the Caribbean. The narrative depicts China’s attempts to lease a former British military base on the island of St. Matts, putting itself in direct violation of the real-world 1823 Monroe Doctrine. Nagasaki could quickly become the United States second-to-last nuclear bomb drop…