Newly released in paperback, Peggy Orenstein's Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape(HarperCollins, $15.99) is, quite frankly, terrifying. As the mother of two teen girls and fan of Orenstein's intelligent and thought-provoking work (Cinderella Ate My Daughter), this study of 21st-century sexual culture--culled from interviews with more than 70 high school and college-aged girls--was an auto-buy for me. Ten pages in, I patted myself on the back for bravely going where many parents would not. Twenty pages past that point I wondered whether my courage could prevail. And 15 more found me resolute, both perplexed by my own ignorance and eager to educate myself about the current state of sex in the United States.
From Old Havana to Cardenas, to Santa Clara, to Baracoa and more, we see the magnificence of historic Cuba in brilliant images and vivid descriptions in a new publication — Old Cuba. Authored by Alicia E. Garcia, with photography by Julio A. Larramendi, Old Cuba takes us on a nostalgic journey of Cuba, once referred to as “the jewel of the Caribbean”.
“Guess Who, Mr. Dinosaur?” Now Available.  It’s never too early to tap into your passion and pen your first book – just ask young author, Christopher Isaiah Penn Smith. At just four years old, Smith took his fascination for dinosaurs and published his first book entitled, “Guess Who, Mr. Dinosaur?” “My love for dinosaurs inspired me to write this book,” says Smith. “I hope people of all ages enjoy it and learn something new about my favourite animals.”
The Caribbean finished one-two at last month’s “Miss World” contest. Miss Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle, center, was crowned the 66th Miss World. Yaritza Miguelina Reyes Ramirez, left, of the Dominican Republic, was first runner-up. Indonesia’s Natasha Mannuela was second runner-up.
Title: The Colour of Shadows: Images of Caribbean Slavery.  Author: Judy Raymond.  Publisher: Caribbean Studies Press.  Reviewed by: Dawn A. Davis.  Trinidadian journalist and scholar Judy Raymond offers a snapshot of life as a slave in the Caribbean during the 19th century. With documentary images from Richard Bridgens, an Englishman who lived in Trinidad during the period and who was a slave owner, “The Colour of Shadows: Images of Caribbean Slavery” unearths details in vivid hues.
The brainchild of Barbadian Ravi Shankar, “The Big Little Fun Facts Book” takes readers on a journey of authentic Bajan oral cultural traditions. It shares and defines local proverbs and modern slang, as well as educates readers on the island’s cuisine, history, sports and National Anthem. “A lot of people are happy when they see something like this because it brings back good memories,” explained Shankar, who started his company Facts Barbados in 2012. “Then there is the generation under me who have no idea what these sayings are about. So, it’s fusing the past with the present.
Dieting is the premier New Year's resolution; gym memberships rise, along with hope. Often this is a prelude to failure. But JJ Smith (10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse)--author, nutritionist and certified weight-loss expert--has some advice for everyone who wants to slim down (and not fail).
Trinidadian journalist and scholar, Judy Raymond, gives us a snapshot of life as a slave in the Caribbean during the 19th century. With documentary images from Richard Bridgens, an Englishman who lived in Trinidad during the period, and a slave owner himself, The Colour of Shadows: Images of Caribbean Slavery unearths details in vivid hues.
There's not much crazier than starting a diet plan a week before Thanksgiving. It has a higher chance of epic fail than going on the wagon right before your New Year's Eve party. But my husband and I did it, and have maintained; perhaps our strategy is the key to making perennial New Year's diet resolutions stick.
Starting at the top of the world, Thames & Hudson's Mountains: Mapping the Earth's Extremes ($55) uses satellite technology to explore 13 of the world's greatest mountains, with essays about each; with 198 illustrations, it's a magnificent collection. More focused, but still breathtaking, is Alaska Range: Exploring the Last Great Wild by Carl Battreall (Mountaineers Books, $29.95). Battreall has photographed the 650-mile stretch for years--an "isolated wilderness... to be celebrated, something that needs to be preserved."
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