Do you need storm doors?

Author:  Edited from StatePoint
Could your home use storm doors to add extra ventilation in warm weather and help protect it against tough conditions year-round?

storm doorsA storm door can be an effective defense for your house against bad weather and can also help improve energy efficiency during all seasons.

Storm door technology is offering options that are stronger and more durable than in the past. Here are a few things to consider:

  • A storm door can help protect your entry door investment. What’s more, designs vary and full-view models show off the entry door while also protecting it.
  • Using a storm door, you can add extra ventilation to your home, helping you refrain from using the air conditioner and improving energy efficiency.
  • While many people perceive storm doors as being flimsy, there are high-quality options on the market designed for strength.
  • New storm door design options and hardware finishes include bronze, brass and satin nickel, offering better performance with a more attractive look.
  • Current storm door technology is bringing useful new features to consumers. For instance, ProVia’s InVent screens retract from both the top and bottom, offering more venting options. Because they are self-storing, they eliminate the hassle of seasonal installation and removal and save on storage space.