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One Evolving Star Gives Rise To Another


“Camera, lights, action, echoes as make-up artist and stylist fall backstage behind marked territory. Music cues, five... four... three... two.....one. Maxine makes one final adjustment before announcing “Welcome to the Maxine Tulloch Show.

As Oprah Winfrey sets to bow out of the talk show genre, to focus on the development of her forthcoming cable channel, OWN, due to premier in January, 2011, more doors are opening for rising starts such as Maxine Tulloch. It has been three years since the Maxine Tulloch Show (MTS) made its debut on COMCAST Cable and then IslandTV in North Miami Beach, Florida; reaching over 1.5 million household subscribers. Since March 2009 MTS has been the anchor talk show for FlowTV Channel 100, Jamaica.

Ms. Tulloch, who wears several hats including Executive Producer and Chief Executive Officer for Tulloch Media Group, Inc. has over 20 years experience in media, a solid career in leadership and a dedication to community. Besides her role in the MTS, Ms. Tulloch is a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Business, at the American Intercontinental University in Weston.

Former Managing Director for eWomen Network and President of the newly formed Caribbean-American Journalists and Media Association; Recently acknowledged by “South Florida Success magazine as one of “South Florida 50 Most Powerful Black Professionals in 2010.

The new season of MTS, with a jazzier format and episodes filmed in Jamaica, aims to bring audiences closer to the Caribbean.“Fun and excitement Maxine says, is a criteria for the new season, “its all inclusive of and for the Diaspora.

Past guests have included the likes of Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golden, Former Prime Minister Hon. P.J. Patterson, and Author, Attorney Marlon Hill. Viewers can also look forward to likes of Minister Robert Montague, Wayne Chen, Beres Hammond, Derrick Morgan, Beverley Manley and much more in the new season which is scheduled to begin at the end of August, 2010.