The United States last month lowered some immigrant visa processing fees. The lower rates became effective on April 13 and immediate relative and family preference and employment-based applicants are among the big winners. According to the U.S. State Department, spouses, children and relatives filing for their immigrant relatives will now pay a processing fee of $230, a savings of $100. Employers filing for employees will also pay $405, saving them $315. Others saving will be winners of the Diversity Visa Program and applicants who are filing to have their residency status returned. Those fees were lowered from $440 to $330 for the diversity program and from $380 to $275 for the returning resident status applications.
With so many summer activities to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to do with your carefree days. From planning weekend getaways to finding ways to give back to your community, there are endless possibilities for your sunshine-filled summer. Friends play not only a huge part in summer fun, but they also help you decide which activities to partake in. According to a recent Bing survey, more than 90 percent of people seek the opinions or advice of friends and family as part of their decision-making process for trips, purchases, events and more.
With the official logo of Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary affixed to its cover and all the graphic work completed, Page turner Publishing House; one of Jamaica’s premier independent publishing houses, is at it again, with - JAMAICA’S 50th ANNIVERSARY SCRAPBOOK -The Birth of a Nation.“We’re ecstatic about this publication,” declares Page turner’s Karl Larmond, “not only is this a historical opportunity, but this is our way of contributing something literal and at the same time meaningful and time transcending to this time of celebration and reflection, because like Marcus Garvey so adamantly reminded us, - we must all be aware of our past, in order to direct our present and impact our future.”
Lack of funding threatens to destroy the ONLY remaining historically African-American Hospital in the nation. RGH has had a stellar and unblemished reputation as a leading healthcare provider and pillar of the community. We are now in a fight to remain open and keep over 300 employees employed. In an effort to help raise funds, we are co-hosting a community Health Fair June 23, 2012 from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. at 3204 Ennis Dr. Houston TX 77004, as well as other planned future fundraisers. After reading about the rich history of Riverside General Hospital, it is our fervent hope that you will agree that we must save this historical monument that has continuously given back to the community.
The Institute of the Black World 21st Century has just completed Town Hall Meetings in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Baltimore to increase public awareness about the devastating impact of the "War on Drugs" on the Black community as a racially biased strategy/policy. IBW joined the struggle to end the War on Drugs because it is a major part of the crises afflicting Black people, particularly in America's "dark ghettos." Our drug policy reform initiative is part of what must become a multifaceted movement to overcome the State of Emergency decimating urban inner-city Black communities across the country - joblessness, economic/business underdevelopment, poor performing schools, illicit drug trafficking, crime, violence, fratricide, police occupation, mass incarceration, disorientation, disorganization ...