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Local ex-offenders and deportees in need of a second chance will benefit from the opening of the refurbished Salvation Army William Chamberlain Adult Rehabilitation Centre (ARC), at Lyndhurst Road, Kingston.

The facility, renovated at a cost of some $13 million through a partnership between the governments of Jamaica, Canada and the United Kingdom (UK) and Scotia Bank Jamaica, will provide addiction recovery services and skills training in woodwork, to males in need of assistance.

Ask Caribbean people nowadays if they know of the Unity of the Brethren Church and few, except actual members, would answer positively. Change the name to the Moravians and the response would be very different.

The Moravian Church began in Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic, in 1457. The founder, Jan Hus, objected to some of the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church and wanted to return to the Eastern Orthodox with the liturgy in the language of the people, married priests, the elimination of indulgences and the idea of Purgatory. He also wanted the lay people to be able to receive communion under both kinds, the bread and the wine. In 1415 he was burned at the stake as a heretic.

natcommactionmonthMiami-Dade Community Action Agency (CAA) celebrates National Community Action month, Community Action Agencies makes the Promise of Community Action to help people and change lives come alive by hosting events that help put a on the families living in poverty and the dedicated Community Action Agency Staff and volunteers who are helping them achieve economic security, Community Action Partnership.

In commemoration of National Community Action month, volunteer staff members from CAA and local politicians converged on the home of Mr. George Bullens Jr. an 80 year old resident of Opa Locka, FL to beautify his home by painting the exterior, landscaping the front area of the house and installing new bathroom fixtures.

ready for hurricane seasonNothing concerns emergency responders more than complacency. In the minds of too many people, disasters are events that happen elsewhere. We watch tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes and terrorist attacks occur in far-off places around the world, never believing they will impact us.Admittedly, even the experts will tell you that disasters are low-probability events.

In South Florida, the threat of hurricanes is real. When we in Miami-Dade Emergency Management prepare, plan, strategize and exercise for hurricanes, we are gearing up for an event that is not only possible, but likely. We live in hurricane country. Since 1900, Miami-Dade County has been at least indirectly impacted by a hurricane an average of every 4 years.