Dr. Anna Lizama Clark came to the United States in 1975 as a foreign student from Belize. She is the second of six children to parents, Frank and Sheena (nee Christie) Lizama.

Caribbean nationals who participate in the next United States census may be forced to declare if they are American citizens. The U.S. Commerce Department announced last month that a question on citizenship status will be on the 2020 census questionnaire.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 16, 2018: As we celebrate another Women’s History Month, here are seven Caribbean American women you should know, whose stars are rising as they make waves nationally and internationally.

Many of our past presidents were farmers or ranchers at some point in their lives, but a handful of them significantly changed how we grow our food and eat it. We can’t examine that history, however, without also acknowledging the legacy of slavery. This Presidents Day, let’s consider how three presidents shaped our food system—and how their interventions impacted African Americans:

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