Barbados is well known for its high standard of education and near 100 percent literacy rate, the highest in the English-speaking Caribbean. According to the island’s Minister of Education Ronald Jones those accomplishments are linked to historical factors. â€œWe have no naturally formed resources,” Jones emphasized recently. “The only thing that we had was people, and that was the primary resource we had to develop, the mind.

Donville Inniss, minister of industry, international business, commerce and small business development, is a proud Barbadian. He credits the Caribbean island’s reputation as being a domicile of choice for international investors for making his job easier. He also noted that Barbados’s attractiveness to international investors has a historical base.

A growing list of costs are being passed on to inmates and their families. 

As incarceration rates continue to grow around the United States, the enormous costs of some prison services are increasingly being paid by those who can least afford it the families of inmates. In 2001, when the DC Department of Corrections closed its notorious prison facility in Lorton, Virginia in 2001, Ulandis Forte, in prison for murder, was relocated to facilities far away from home, and family. His grandmother, Martha Wright, nearly blind and unable to travel, made frequent calls to prisons out of state -in New Mexico, then Arizona, then Kentucky only to find herself deeply in hardship and debt due to exorbitant fees charged by the private companies contracted to provide prison phone services.

"Many people want to be in positions of power so that they can be served. But God puts you in a position of power so you can serve others." - Reverend A.R. Bernard Sr., Founder, Senior Pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center, Brooklyn, New York

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