The IRS squandered $143 billion over the last decade in improper Earned Income Tax Credits — money taken directly from taxpayers — according to a new federal investigation. Federal investigators revealed that in 2015 alone, the IRS wasted $15.6 billion on erroneous and fraudulent EITC payments. These payouts included overpayments to taxpayers who qualified for the EITC, outlays to Americans who were ineligible for the program and payments to individuals who intentionally filed bogus tax returns.

Congress created Section 8 vouchers to offer very-low-income Americans “decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private market.” But recent examinations have found many such homes far from decent, safe or sanitary. Despite these promises from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website, this federal housing voucher program places some Americans in dangerous and filthy conditions, according to former residents and federal investigators.

Democrats sat-in on the House floor overnight last week to support gun-control legislation. But one of the bill’s biggest boosters was AWOL. Democrat Chaka Fattah, the 11-term Pennsylvania congressman, had been convicted that day on all 22 ethics charges that he faced. His Philadelphia corruption case involved racketeering, illegal use of taxpayer and nonprofit funds and a plethora of other offenses. Named vice chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force just a week earlier, Fattah was home pondering his future in prison as his colleagues sought change.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – It is seen as a “holy herb” and, for those who use it, marijuana is a gift from God for the benefit of mankind. Percival Stapleton, who was among people attending a national consultation on marijuana here last month, said he uses the drug as a “holy sacrament given to us by God, of which great men like King Solomon, even when he died, the spirit of God sent a seed and drop on his grave and it grew there. â€œWeed is my best friend,” Stapleton added. “It is disgraceful to say anything about marijuana. I smoke it day and night. I drink it like tea and ah smoking it until a dead.”

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