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Sarah Munn
International School of St. Lucia students Derek Glace and Jacoba Vlugman are hard at work in their second semester of Grade 11, but their experience at CMEx, the Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism, has not been forgotten. "I thoroughly enjoyed the CMEx conference in December," says Vlugman. She commented on how attending CMEx really gets the mind thinking. "I met many brilliant people from around the world whose thoughts and ideas challenged my perspective on different issues."
Old West Side Grade School
The Broward County Historical Commission and Museum will host a grand opening of their new home, located in the historic West Side Grade School building, on Thursday, February 4, at 4:30 p.m. at 301 S.W. 13 Ave. (Harmon Avenue) in Fort Lauderdale.
ImageToronto, Canada – Bilaal Rajan, the grade nine student at Lakefield College School, UNICEF Canada Ambassador, youth activist, best-selling author and fundraiser, has issued a challenge to students all over the world to raise a minimum of $100 for the relief efforts in Haiti.

On Valentine's Day, we expect our partner to show and prove to us the depth of their love, and if he or she doesn't or if we are single or alone, Valentine's can be a devastating day.

"We often create our own loneliness", says Patrick Wanis PhD, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert and author of "Find Love Fast" and "Get Over It." We close up, shut down, stop trusting or simply lock ourselves inside the house and do fake talk on the internet. Our attitude can shun away others and cause loneliness. For example, if you are a woman, stop trying to be so independent that no man wants to be around you because he feels you don't need him at all."