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desmond-tutuNova Southeastern University (NSU) will honor Black History Month in February 2010 through a variety of activities including engaging art exhibitions, performances, award-winning film screenings, dynamic speakers and compelling educational workshops and discussions.

Highlights of the month-long celebration include:

ImageAt a time when being black in Florida meant being subjected to Jim Crow laws and limited opportunity, 26 African American youths from the Fort Pierce/Vero Beach area broke the mold by forming a loosely organized group of entrepreneurial artists that came to be known as the Highwaymen.
ImageEntering its 22nd year, the highly anticipated St. Stephen’s Art Show (SSAS) will be celebrating its three-day long festival from Saturday, February 13th through Monday, February 15th, 2010. The show is presented by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, a 100 year resident in Coconut Grove, which is celebrating its Centennial in 2010. The show, known as one of South Florida’s most popular outdoor arts festivals, will take place on the grounds of St. Stephens Episcopal Church (2750 McFarlane Road) in the heart of Coconut Grove, Florida.
ImageOne of the best meals I have ever had in my life was Janga run dung and pumpkin turned cornmeal. In fact, I am ashamed to say that I have heard that our maroon caterers at Millbank in Portland, are still talking about how I invaded their outside kitchen to get some more of that delicious fare. But I just could not help myself.