Captain Barrington Irving at former students turned instructors Deshorn King, 18, and Cinnevia Knight, 13, at Opa-Locka Airport, Thursday, April 22, 2010. The Experience Aviation Science Technology Engineering Math Academy will offer a 3 to 6 week summer program beginning June 21.Captain Barrington Irving wasn't born with the passion to fly.
The 2010 David "Wagga" Hunt Memorial Classic was held in Kingston and Miramar, Florida, on August 7th and 21st, respectively. The Florida chapters of the Kingston College Old Boys Association and the Calabar Alumni Association jointly hosted the Florida leg of the event at the Miramar Regional Park. The event was the counterpart to the successful first leg staged in Jamaica at the UWI Mona Bowl which featured three (3) games. In the curtain-raiser, Real Mona defeated Meadhaven United, a club which Hunt co-founded, 3-1. Next, Meadhaven Masters faced off against Pelicans Masters, which is comprised primarily of former UWI alumni, with Pelicans emerging winners on penalty kicks after an entertaining 0-0 draw at full-time. Hunt, a UWI graduate, was also a former Pelicans player.
One of the best meals I have ever had in my life was Janga run dung and pumpkin turned cornmeal. In fact, I am ashamed to say that I have heard that our maroon caterers at Millbank in Portland, are still talking about how I invaded their outside kitchen to get some more of that delicious fare. But I just could not help myself.
The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) has generally enjoyed a good reputation, even when some question the relevance of its existence.It has been 49 years since the JDF was established, and with no major threats to Jamaica from outside sources, as such the level of understanding of the role of the army has diminished. The JDF has often been called on to justify its existence to an increasingly pluralistic society. However, at the dawn of the 21st Century there is no question that the JDF has accomplished a lot and is respected internationally and regionally for excellent service. It has even been described by many in the Caribbean as the best trained armed force in the region.
As South Florida's summer heat and humidity begin to dissipate, it's the perfect time to enjoy casual outdoor activities, such as a new downtown Fort Lauderdale walking tour promoted by the Broward County Cultural Division that explores the art and history of the area's architectural structures. A new interactive brochure, An Architectural Walking Tour of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, was recently produced by the Fort Lauderdale Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, in collaboration with the School of Architecture at Florida Atlantic University and the support of the Downtown Development Authority of Fort Lauderdale.