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ready for hurricane seasonNothing concerns emergency responders more than complacency. In the minds of too many people, disasters are events that happen elsewhere. We watch tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes and terrorist attacks occur in far-off places around the world, never believing they will impact us.Admittedly, even the experts will tell you that disasters are low-probability events.

In South Florida, the threat of hurricanes is real. When we in Miami-Dade Emergency Management prepare, plan, strategize and exercise for hurricanes, we are gearing up for an event that is not only possible, but likely. We live in hurricane country. Since 1900, Miami-Dade County has been at least indirectly impacted by a hurricane an average of every 4 years.

Meteorologist Joey Stevens and his parrot have become the most famous weather forecasters in the Caribbean on OneCaribbeanWeather.com and WSEE TV, the CBS affiliate of the Caribbean region.

It is little wonder then why the Caribbean's most famous weather channel, with some four million viewers daily in over 25 countries - from Antigua to Puerto Rico, has joined forces with the organizers of Invest Caribbean 2011, to present the inaugural investment power forum.

Scientists from the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science were among a team of researchers that captured Yellow Fin Grouper on video during their illusive spawning aggregation in the United States Virgin Islands last month. Teams from the Rosenstiel School, UM College of Engineering and University of the Virgin Islands joined forces in a multi-disciplinary expedition to the southern shelf of St. Thomas to videotape this rarely seen process.

Due to poor visibility and low light conditions deep underwater, capturing this event has been difficult in the past. Using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) researchers used a video camera and an acoustic imaging system that documented the process in a non-intrusive way, more than 250 feet below the surface.

Several of the nation's most prominent artists and community leaders gathered in Miami for the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts' YoungArts annual gala, "An Affair of the Arts Performance and Gala: Celebrating 30 Years of Discovering Excellence in the Arts." The event was held at the well-renowned Gusman Center for the Performing Arts and The Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building. The evening event celebrated the organization's support of aspiring young artists and accomplishments of gifted alumni - all while noting the organization's own achievements over the past 30 years.