Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll has a long and distinguished career in civil, military and private sector.  She is a former Senior Advisor of Global Digital Solutions Inc., and former President and CEO of North American Custom Specialty Vehicles, Inc.
With the Trump administration pushing a tough-on-crime, law-and-order approach to criminal justice reform at the federal level, the work of reducing prison populations may fall to states – and California is ahead of the curve.
This is the second story in our “Tracking Hate” series. Our first story, “CSUC student newspaper sparks hate speech debate,” was posted June 8.
ATLANTA — One morning in March 2014, Rachel Bol earned something she had never had before. After spending most of her life in refugee camps, she finally had a country where she could live safely — and one she could call her own. 
Derek Luke is an award-winning actor. His most famous role to date is the title role in the 2002 movie Antwone Fisher, produced and directed by Denzel Washington. Among other awards and nominations, Derek won an Independent Spirit Award for this role. Derek also appeared in Marvel's "Captain America: The First Avenger" and as basketball player Bobby Joe Hill in "Glory Road."
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