WASHINGTON, D.C. – Look! Tiger’s in the area, a bam bam. So too Marcus Garvey, all decked out and regal. Sprinkle in some Salt & Pepa, a touch of Fugees, “Fighting Shirley”, McKay’s words of hope and a splash of Marley.

KINGSTON, Jamaica - The signs something special was coming soon were unmistakeable here.

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Today, dozens of Bankers Healthcare Group employees transformed their breakroom into an assembly line of school supplies as they worked in harmony to stuff 400 backpacks with notebooks, pencils and other supplies at their offices in Davie, Fla.

They did whatever needed doing. In the days after two Category 5 hurricanes slammed into the U.S. Virgin Islands—first Hurricane Irma, which tore off roofs and busted windows; then, Hurricane Maria, which brought storm surge and weeks of heavy rain—the local nonprofit, My Brother’s Workshop, jumped into action, no task too small.

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