Caribbean nationals in the United States are hesitating to embrace a return to normal as the nation re-opened during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which had infected close to two million, killed over 100,000 and cost more than 40 million jobs through the end of May.

From the moment he stepped on the yard at Delaware State University,Darnerien McCants was a game-changer. He wanted to play basketball at the only historically black college and university in America’s first state, but it was football that came easily and gave him the platform achieve in education.

New York, New York (CB) – Avril Bacchus, a retired teacher in Brooklyn, New York and Valerie Taylor who also lives in a nearby zip code have a lot in common beyond being lifelong educators – Both are Caribbean immigrants. Avril is from Bachelor’s Adventure on the East coast of Demerara, Guyana in South America and Valerie originates from St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.— A nonprofit organization in South Florida is on a mission to elevate the profile of Caribbean art, history and culture throughout the tri-county area and the broader diaspora. The team behind Island Society for the Promotion of Artistic and Cultural Education (Island SPACE) has spent several years demonstrating their commitment to cultural and creative excellence. Their catalog of work includes Taste the Islands TV show, Pieces of Jamaica photo exhibition and coffee table book, the annual Taste the Islands Experience event series, and the 2019 - 2020 Caribbean Culinary Museum tour. Under the nonprofit, the museum concept has evolved into a full-scale Caribbean museum of history, tentatively named the Island Archives, now the nonprofit's flagship project.

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