Philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International Provides Dental Clinics and Youth Development. 

Created to improve the lives of people in communities where Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts operate, the Sandals Foundation focuses on three major pillars – education, community and the environment. The organization has become a force for good in the Caribbean and is encouraging agents to know more and consider getting involved. Here is what the Foundation has been up to lately:

While the national conversation on police and race seems like a black-and-white issue, many Latinos say they also feel mistreated by cops. â€œI grew up in East L.A., in an economically depressed neighbourhood,” said Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna, the first Latino to lead the Los Angeles area’s second largest law-enforcement agency. “I did not have the most positive contact with the police or the people around me. I very much understand the concerns.”

“If I’m 100 percent honest, I’ve tried hard to make a Hillary poster, but I can’t figure out where to start,” says Los Angeles-based graphic artist Charles White. “There’s no strong word or theme that sparks my imagination.” White is one of many creators who say that the 2016 race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lacks the inspiration of the artistically rich 2008 campaign. Astronaut. Warrior. Superman. Savior. If the posters and buttons made for Barack Obama’s historic first run could speak, he was all of those things — and more.

The IRS squandered $143 billion over the last decade in improper Earned Income Tax Credits — money taken directly from taxpayers — according to a new federal investigation. Federal investigators revealed that in 2015 alone, the IRS wasted $15.6 billion on erroneous and fraudulent EITC payments. These payouts included overpayments to taxpayers who qualified for the EITC, outlays to Americans who were ineligible for the program and payments to individuals who intentionally filed bogus tax returns.

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