Haitian pride is reflected everywhere in South Florida. In May, Haitian Heritage Month, the Caribbean country’s flag draped vehicles and nationals wrapped themselves in its colors, parading streets and jumping to mesmerizing kompa rhythms blasting from souped-up audio systems.
Karl “Jerry” Craig’s canvases are powerful. Their vibrant colors, textures and found items like stones, cowrie shells, wire, metal, feathers and fabric mimics the landscapes he paints that ‘speaks’ of his beloved Jamaica, Africa and racial identity.
Slowly but surely Jamaicans are carving out a niche in Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun - and other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Korea and Australia.
TALLAHASSEE, Florida - The 2017 hurricane season is here and the Florida Department of Health is encouraging residents to make preparations that can help ensure safety should severe weather occur.
Could your home use storm doors to add extra ventilation in warm weather and help protect it against tough conditions year-round?
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