In high school, one of my greatest passions was playing basketball. During my senior year, as the new season approached, I noticed during the first practice that our coach had the same plays that we had been using in previous seasons. So I told him “coach I think we should try different plays because it’s a new season. He responded with a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that I remember still today that says “With each new day comes new strength and thoughts,”-  so there is no need to change because of our growth each day and year we automatically see things different even if they are the same as before.”

In Belize, Christmas has always been a huge celebration involving weeks of preparations from the painting of homes, cleaning, baking fruit cakes and preparing the turkey and ham. Can you remember the smell of new linoleum being carted down Albert Street to your home or the smell of fresh wood cleaner to shine your furniture? 

MIAMI-DADE – County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava, the Miami-Dade Commission for Women, the Miami-Dade Commission Auditor and FIU’s Metropolitan Center announced the release of the second annual report on the status of women and girls in Miami-Dade County on Dec. 18. The report findings shed a light on areas where women and girls are succeeding and struggling, including in education, health and safety, and economics. 

COCONUT CREEK, Fla.–Since 1998, Food For The Poor has honored the tradition of freeing nonviolent petty crime offenders from Guyana, Haiti, Honduras and Jamaica’s prisons by paying their fines in time for Christmas.This year,153former prisoners will be home for the holiday, thanks to generous donors who support the charity’s prison ministry.

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