Kenny Westray started out selling his clothing line out of the trunk of his car. Now more than 200 NBA players have worn his designs.

When Bassett and Marcela Brown went shopping for a summer home in 1980, the two doctors never dreamed the abandoned walnut orchard in Napa Valley would one day become the only black-owned vineyard in the heart of California wine country.

New York City school teacher Anrica Caldwell talked with Paul Manafort’s wife one day while they visited the loves of their lives in a Pennsylvania federal prison. Donald Trump’s onetime campaign chairman, convicted of a raft of financial crimes, is scheduled to see daylight in 2024—nearly a decade before the man she's engaged to marry someday.

Like most kids growing up in Minna, Nigeria, Jonathan Kolo loved basketball. The American transplant still adores the game, taking his 6-foot-6 frame back there every year to teach today’s children the kind of lessons that apply both on and off the court.

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