COCONUT CREEK, Fla.  – Food For The Poor released 49 nonviolent offenders, including one woman, from prisons in Guyana, Haiti and Jamaica for Holy Week,just as the rapid spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) reached the region.

“I think acting found me. And, it was a pivotal event in my life that got me on that path: I got pregnant quite early, at 15. When you get pregnant so early and live in the ghetto, yuh done! It’s either you get a stall and sell scallion and bag juice, but you done”.

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Moved by the overwhelming news of the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and hoping to provide hope and comfort, recording artist Glacia Robinson spilled out her heart in one daylast month and wrote the lyrics to We Are One.

Vada O. Manager found his purpose in his East St. Louis childhood. Amid the trappings of inner-city life, where crime and poverty dominated, he was inspired to achieve.

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