They did whatever needed doing. In the days after two Category 5 hurricanes slammed into the U.S. Virgin Islands—first Hurricane Irma, which tore off roofs and busted windows; then, Hurricane Maria, which brought storm surge and weeks of heavy rain—the local nonprofit, My Brother’s Workshop, jumped into action, no task too small.

What is Junkanoo? Who performs it? When and where is it performed?

Junkanoo is the national festival of The Bahamas that was started by slaves who came to the Islands during the 16th century. Saying the word Junkanoo to most Bahamians gets their hearts beating faster and their breathing gets shorter and faster. It’s hard to express in words because it’s a feeling, a spirit that’s evoked within from the sound of a goatskin drum, a cowbell, or a bugle.

Caribbean nationals seeking a better life in the United States are not immune to the cruel fate being suffered by some migrants, including children forcibly taken from parents trying to enter the U.S.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Religious leaders in Trinidad and Tobago are objecting to any notion of same sex marriages taking root in the twin island republic and are urging the government of Prime Minister Keith Rowley to maintain that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

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