Woodson isn’t shy about criticizing those he sees as a out of touch with the low-income communities they claim to speak for.

“Some people say that millennials don’t read. And that’s not true. They do read,” said Dr. Chavis. “They’re looking for in-depth analysis, in-depth information.”

When LaQuinn Phillips was accused of dousing his pregnant girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire in 2018, he had a difficult time finding a lawyer. When he was acquitted after an eight-day trial, he and his family screamed for joy so loudly that a judge threatened them with contempt of court.

Marvina Robinson was far from home—5,951 miles, to be exact—but as she stood in a vineyard in France’s fabled Champagne region, a glass of bubbly in her hand, she could visualize the grand ambition she hatched in New York.

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