Lighting up a marijuana cigarette may bring much more than a high. It could cost users years in prison and loss of certain civil rights in the United States.
NEW YORK – The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) says the Caribbean needs to redirect its anti-crime efforts in favor of more interventions that are evidence-based and targeted at high-risk individuals and geographic areas, with improved monitoring of police and justice systems.
Caribbean nationals’ fight for equal footing in the North American workplace has extended to the sporting arena, where most players from the region find themselves among the lowest paid in Major League Soccer, although MLS clubs rely on them for important contributions.
What is the most important factor in changing a man spiritually, from immaturity to maturity? Discipleship. This was the conclusion reached by the founders of Promise Keepers, Bill McCartney, then football coach for the University of Colorado, and Dave Wardell, Ph.D., who birthed the movement more than 25 years ago. It sparked a revival among Christian men who were willing to take a stand for God in their marriages, families, churches and communities.
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 9, 2017: There is no denying the contribution of Caribbean immigrants and their children and grand children to the fabric of the American society. This National Caribbean American Heritage Month, here are 12 top corporate executives who were born in the Caribbean or of Caribbean roots that you should know:
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