Cuban-born author releases encyclopedia on Caribbean

Author  CMC
entertainment/encyclopedia_ on_ caribbean.jpgNEW JERSEY—A  Cuban-born author in the United States, has released an encyclopedia which overviews the lives and works of Caribbean authors and gives special attention to the political, cultural, and historical contexts in which region’s authors have lived and worked.
 Danilo Figueredo, library director at Bloomfield College in New Jersey, has introduced the lives of Caribbean authors to the public with the release of the two volume “Encyclopedia of Caribbean Literature”. With over 700 entries, the book was written over three years, with contributions from over 40 experts. The encyclopedia is accessible to students and the general reader.
Figueredo said he wrote the encyclopedia to introduce students and the general public to the literary treasures of the Caribbean.
“Some of the best contemporary novels in the world today are being written either in the Caribbean or by people from the Caribbean,” he said.
 “Many think of the Caribbean as beautiful islands surrounded by inviting warm water, and populated with friendly folks who love music and good food,” he added.
 “But along with the palm tress and the beaches, there is a culture that is vibrant, rich, and complex, a culture often manifested in the literature from the region.”
 Figueredo migrated to the U.S. when he was 14, settling with his family in Union City, N.J. He received an undergraduate degree from Montclair State University in New Jersey, and a master’s degree in Library Science from Rutgers University and another master’s in comparative literature/Latin American studies from New York University.