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World Premiere: HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera


SoBe Institute of the Arts presents the World Premiere of Carson Kievman's HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera in the Little Stage Theater on Miami Beach. This provocative, sophisticated, and radically re-imagined musical setting of Shakespeare's masterpiece was the final commission by legendary producer Joseph Papp ("A Chorus Line," "Hair," etc.) for the New York Shakespeare Festival / Public Theater.

Due to Papp's tragic passing soon after the work was completed, HAMLET remained unperformed, until now. "I worked on HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera with Papp for four years, and his intention was to produce it at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park," Kievman remembers. The loss of Papp affected the composer deeply.

A main theme of HAMLET is, painfully and ironically, the death of fathers, and during Kievman's years of preparing the libretto and working on the score, several other important mentors and father figures in his life passed away, including Florida Philharmonic's General Director Joseph Leavitt, visionary Luigi Nono and Olivier Messiaen, and Kievman's own father, Michael. Kievman continues, "... so I placed it in my desk drawer, and there it remained for 21 years, until now."

HAMLET Soundtheater/Opera is interwoven with spiritual and sexual conflicts, it challenges boundary lines, and it is multi-dimensional in its cultural and musical reference points. Pulsing with collective zeitgeist and new shapes, the chilling vocals spiral beyond the confines of language to articulate emotional truths behind literal meaning.