‘All Eyes’ on USVI Carnival

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS - A celebration of the United States Virgin Islands’ (USVI) culture, cuisine, history, music and people will be the highlight of the American Caribbean territory’s carnival this year.

The theme of “Carnival Virgin Islands”, to be staged from April 4 to May 3 in St. Thomas, is “All Eyes on We for 2020”.

According to the USVI Department of Tourism's Division of Festivals, several new events have been added to the festival, including j'ouvert warm-up, “Rum, Powder and Mas”.

“The events we've planned should ensure that people of all walks and stages of life are engaged in the carnival,” Ian Turnbull, the division's director, was quoted as saying in a recent press release promoting the event.

Additional attractions for the season include the Soca Monarch Village, food fair and Cultural Day, where groups and individuals celebrate different aspects of Virgin Islands tradition and culture. The Children's Parade on May 1 and the Adults' Parade on May 2 will remain key fixtures for this year's celebrations.

For more information about Carnival Virgin Islands, contact the USVI Festivals team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..