Marcia Griffiths Charms at Jamaica Music Conference and Shines at The Grace Jerk Festival in Florida


Reggae Queen, legend and icon Ms. Marcia Griffiths charmed her audience while giving a talk at the 6th annual Jamaica Music Conference (JMC) held in Jamaica earlier this month.

 image0022Speaking to an audience of upcoming artists, artist managers, fans and industry stakeholders, Griffiths shared her career’s journey including performing with Bob Marley and the Wailers, and the I-Threes; creating music that has stood the tests of time and navigating today’s musical landscape given the reach of social media.  Hosted by JMC founder Kwasi Bonsu, Griffiths said “back in those days we had a work ethic that gave us opportunities.  We had to be at the studio on time, and we had to work.  Bob knew what he wanted, and what he wanted is still played to this day.”  She also gave the audience gems of advice that they can use to enhance their careers moving forward.

Prior to speaking at the JMC, Marcia gave a stellar performance at the Grace Jerk Festival in South Florida.  Commanding the stage in her custom red sequined two-piece suit, the Queen of Reggae performed her classics such as “I Shall Sing” and “Dreamland.” When it came time to perform “Electric Slide,” security was asked to clear a path so fans could join her on stage.  In unison, the stage rocked with several guests who smiled and sang with Marcia for the infectious “boogie-woogie-woogie punch line!”

Included in her set was a special tribute to Bob Marley in which she performed “Redemption Song” and “One Love.”  Speaking to the audience the Queen said “long live the spirit and the message in the music of brother Bob Marley!  There is a natural mystic blowing through the air right now.  Can you feel it?!  Everyone, lets give thanks that we are living on top of the earth.”

Additional legends who performed are The Mighty Diamonds and Freddie McGregor.

Rita Marley honored Griffiths by attending her performance and spoke with her at length after her set.  The two reminisced on the days they shared the stage and expressed pride in their children continuing their musical legacies by creating their own.

Griffiths celebrates 55 years of music magic in 2019.  Plans are currently being developed to honor the Reggae Queen with a series of festivities in Jamaica, Florida, Toronto and the UK.