Reggae Release creating new opportunities in the music industry

Reggae Release is a digital content distribution company which seeks to assist individuals, businesses and organizations that are involved in Reggae music to further promote, educate and achieve sustainability and growth. Reggae Release offers tangible opportunities which advance it clients in order to progress personally, professionally and financially. People in the music Industry can elect to utilize Reggae Release when they are in need of consultancy for their career or businesses.

Reggae ReleaseReggae Release provides genuine assistance, for young and established talents based on fairness, transparency and an overall desire for those who seek success through hard work and dedication. Exposing young talents is one of the main components of Reggae Release.

Exposing Talent

On February 26, 2013, fast rising Reggae Artiste DeFranco performed at the 17th annual staging of Jamaica’s Jazz and blues Festival in Trelawny. At the insistence of the large gathering, DeFranco gave a stunning back to back performance before and after John Legend.

DeFranco EP – journey which was then distributed by Reggae Release and aired by David Rodegan on BBC Radio 1xtra, sky-rocketed to the #2 position on Reggae France Top Ten Charts. Defranco’s music is aired world wide and the artiste has been touring ever since.

Global Partnerships

An initiative with Reggae Release and the World Nature Organization to produce a theme song for world nature day brought Recording Artist Nature to the forefront. Reggae Release’s affiliation with the artist brought the project to fruition resulting in the theme song entitled “Preserving Nature”. The song was created to draw a more focused attention on the plights affecting our planet, especially developing and emerging countries.

For his contribution and strong international message, the WNO officially appointed Mr. Andre “Nature” Ellis as WNO Goodwill Ambassador for Jamaica, in the hope that he will further spread his message about nature protection and preservation.

Reggae Release over the years have worked with numerous artistes, producers and record lables provideing a wide range of services. These services include; creation of biography, creation of press release, press release blast, video blast, consultation, digital distribution, promotions, global exposures and more.  "The future development and growth of the reggae/dancehall industry is number priority and focus of Reggae Release" ~ Shinado Chusney - CEO.