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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica unloaded a “trailer load” of respect on one of its most prominent, yet controversial sons. Rexton Gordon, known throughout the entertainment world as the dancehall star “Shabba Ranks”, was recently awarded his nation’s Order of Distinction, officer class, for contribution to the Jamaican music industry locally and internationally.
KINGSTON, Jamaica – South Korea is known for many things: A prosperous, growing society and mortal enemies to its neighbour North Korea. Producing a reggae artiste determined to make the music thrive in this Asian nation and elsewhere, however, was never part of the country’s key selling points. Enter Skull, real name Sung Jin Cho, a 36-year-old former South Korean university student and army man who has pledged the last 16 years to promoting reggae through his work as a singer.
KINGSTON, Jamaica – The legacy of one of Jamaica and the world’s greatest musical icons and ambassadors for social equality will now be preserved in his homeland following the official opening of the Peter Tosh Museum in New Kingston on Oct. 19. Tosh, born Peter McIntosh, was shot to death in Sept. 1987 at age 42. He was an original member of The Wailers, a group which also included Bob Marley and Neville “Bunny” Livingston, both legends as well.
Two Guyanese-roots stars are in prime time shows on United States television this season. On Fox TV, actress Kylie Bunbury, whose father is Guyanese, is heating things up as a talented female baseball pitcher in “Pitch”. Bunbury, the Canada-born daughter of Guyanese-born retired professional soccer player Alex Bunbury, plays “Ginny Baker” who rises to fame when she is called up by the San Diego Padres and becomes the first woman to play in Major League Baseball.
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