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ImageMusic lovers around the world are anxious to experience “It’s All Pure Jazz,” which will serve as this year’s theme for the annual Melton Mustafa Jazz Festival. Now in its fourteenth consecutive installment, MSM Arts, Inc. and Florida Memorial University will sponsor the accompanying workshop on Friday, February 12, 2010 and concert on Saturday, February 13, 2010. Details include the following:

ImageAssassin has secured his place as one of dancehalls best stage performers. This was evident at the recent staging of Pepsi Rebel Salute where he closed the show.

Thousands of patrons waited in the morning sun for Agent Sasco to take the stage. It was not until 8:25 am that Assassin, dressed in full khaki, took the stage to deliver yet another splendid performance. He had fans singing along to hits like Hand to mouth, Wha Do Dem Guy Deh,Priority, Almighty Protect to name a few.

Winning New York band, U.R.I.
An eight -member reggae band from Brooklyn, New York, on Monday night became the winner of the 2010 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Band Quest in New York City.

Under the Rasta Influence, or U.R.I., beat out the New Kingston Band in a close competition to walk away with the title and the opportunity to perform before thousands at the Greenfield Stadium, Trelawny, Jamaica later this month.

Jimmy Jean-Louis, who plays the "Haitian" on NBC's hit series "Heroes," is leading a public awareness campaign to raise money for the survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Pan American Development Foundation and the Organization of American States announced.