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black-violin-playerSouth Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (SMDCAC) and CultureShockMiami.com present Black Violin, a FREE concert on Sunday, January 15 at 7pm sponsored in part by TD Bank. Students ages 13-22 may get tickets through www.cultureshockmiami.com. The general public may obtain a voucher to exchange for up to four tickets per person. For information on vouchers contact the SMDCAC Box Office at 786-573-5300 or visit www.smdcac.org for more information.
To most people, jazz, hip-hop, funk, and classical are musical genres. But to revolutionary music group Black Violin, they're nothing but ingredients. Combining a daunting array of musical styles and influences to produce a signature sound that is not quite maestro, not quite emcee, this group of two classically trained violinists along with their DJ and drummer, are redefining the music world-one string at a time.

ShaggyThe Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival was hailed by a musical superstar as one of the remaining bastions in support of not just reggae music but other musical genres and culture as a whole.

Alerting the music world he was about to deliver "real talk," Shaggy, the Jamaican dancehall hit-maker and Grammy winner spoke frankly about the importance of the 2012 festival in promoting reggae music while others around the world turn the volume down on the Jamaican art form.

Richie Stephens is back! And, although still in what he says is "a healing process" the popular Jamaican music maker declared he is not just back, but "back with a bang."
Stephens who missed this year's Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival due to the tragic death of his 22 year-old son, said he is really looking forward to "singing his heart out at the (2012) Festival."

bellchoira2011An English Handbell Choir from the Bronx, New York City is heading to Westmoreland, Jamaica for a most unusual concert. The 15-plus members of the ensemble are all English handbell ringers. They are, of course, non-political, and they are presently in rigorous rehearsals, preparing for a musically mesmerizing December evening of handbells alongside organ and vocal performances.

The event is being billed as an Evening of Awesome Music. English handbell choirs are by no means limited to England although the art form was first developed and perfected there in the late 1600s. The term ‘English handbell’ is a reference to the type of bell used and the particular technique employed in the creation of the music.