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richiestevens-award2NY. Comets Club International (CCI), a New York City-based charitable organization, recognized two individuals for their outstanding contribution and commitment to community development through education, culture and business.

CCI presented awards and citations to Entrepreneur Roland Brammer for his work with a number of organizations, focusing on youth, while Richie Stephens, Cultural Ambassador-at-Large, got the nod for his steadfast love for country through his music and mentorship.

On Saturday March 14th, 2012 Wingate High School in Brooklyn played host to the Ellis empire as Roza Roze aka Noel Ellis, Ian "Ity" Ellis, Alton "Fancy Cat" Hardware, Winston "Blakka Ellis and Kathy Grant also known as 'The Country Helper' took over the stage with their own brand of comedic madness and mayhem.

david-m_sml"Here Comes Your Life," the new single from world music artist David M, showcases the range and diversity of the Jamaica-born singer/songwriter/musician who is best known for his stirring, conscience-raising ode "Lest We Forget."

From the conceptual album of the same name, "Here Comes Your Life" is a smooth mixture of soul, reggae and pop laid over a hip-hop/R&B groove. David M says the song has special meaning to him. "It's a very personal song to me. I wrote it about someone I knew who was trying to hide her past. Most people have skeletons in their closet that always come back to haunt them. This particular song is about the past coming back to visit the present."


When the story broke that a Jamaican in Florida had been nominated for the "Best Female" award in a British competition, many Jamaicans in the United States beamed with pride.

Radio stations like HOT 102 in Jamaica, WRFG Radio in Atlanta, Hot 105FM in South Florida, along with other media houses with Caribbean programming, suddenly made the announcement part of their news content.

Camille Kaye, a graduate of Immaculate Conception High School in Jamaica, who currently resides in South Florida, has been nominated for "Best Female Artist" for 2011 in Britain's Official Mixtape Awards (OMA). According to the OMA's website, the nominees are chosen from a pool of British artists. Kaye's "Bad nuh..." mixtape was, however, apparently so popular in the United Kingdom it got nominated.