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Revelers enjoy Orlando Carnival.If you’re ready, Orlando’s waiting to jump up and wave - Caribbean-style. Orlando Carnival steps into its 25th  year of celebration this month with promises to inject the public with excitement…if it’s ready.

The May 26 Caribbean cultural event in the major Florida tourist city will feature the theme “Are You Ready? We’re Ready” and organizers claim they are ready to spread the fun worldwide.

George WrightGeorge Wright, more popularly known as "Brotha George" is pleased to announce the release of his fourth (4) album titled "Heaven Bound". This album is of Paramount importance because a whopping 90% of the album has been produced by "Brotha George" himself.

Brotha George has been a Gospel Artiste for over 4 years and has received numerous awards for his contribution to the gospel music industry. He has even been nominated for 4 gospel awards in different categories in the Caribbean Gospel Music Awards to be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marsha Grandison (Ruby) was born on August 19, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Throughout her elementary years she was involved in plays at the local level for which she received numerous certificates.

This continued into high school and college years in Jamaica, where she was actively involved in cultural performances at the local and national level. After leaving Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in Jamaica, she became the coordinator of the drama club at the Anchovy High School.

Top names from Caribbean music will be on the front burner for this month during the "Best Of The Best" concert on Memorial weekend in South Florida.

The event returns on May 27th to Bicentennial Park in downtown Miami.