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MDC creates program for Haitian creole translators

MIAMI, Florida - A local university serving an area with a large Haitian population has created a course for those interested in learning how to translate and interpret the creole language.
Miami Dade College (MDC) has created a new associate in science degree program in translation/interpretation studies for Haitian creole speakers. The program will be offered for the first time during the spring term starting on Jan. 4, 2006 at MDC’s InterAmerican campus. It will be crafted in the footsteps of the Spanish/English translation/interpretation program launched by MDC in 2003, school officials said in a recent press release. The degree will prepare students to become translators and interpreters in hospitals, government agencies, private businesses and the court system. Included in this program will be classes in medical, legal and business translation, as well as computer-assisted translation skills. Graduates will be prepared to take local, state and/or national translator or interpreter certification/accreditation exams.