St. Thomas University Launches Interfaith Leadership Institute

Author  Isabel Gamarra

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – St. Thomas University (STU) has launched the Interfaith Leadership Institute, created to advance the American concept of religious freedom as an unalienable right and the protection of this right for all people. 

instit leadThe institute will collaborate with local organizations to celebrate and educate others about the constitutional privilege and develop interfaith camaraderie, relationships and opportunities for collaboration.  

“Our country was founded on the principal of religious freedom,” said David A. Armstrong, J.D., president at St. Thomas University. “As a one of only eight Archdiocesan institutions in the nation, we will serve as a leader for creating dialogue around and advocating for this inalienable right, establish interfaith collaborations and initiatives, and leverage these initiatives and our faith-based curriculum to instill in our students of all faiths their ethical responsibility to our community and beyond.”

The Institute will encourage dialogue in the form of academic symposia and lectures featuring internationally renowned speakers. In addition, the institute will form key partnership and collaborations with other local organizations from a variety of faiths.

As the only Catholic Archdiocesan-sponsored University in Florida, STU emphasizes social justice and ethical behavior with its students and employees and seeks to develop ethical leaders for the global economy.