A West Indian judge in Canada urges Caribbean youth to take advantage of the educational and professional opportunities available to their generation. Dr. Irving André of the tiny island of Dominica is a highly respected Justice in the Ontario Court of Justice, and he believes students in the Caribbean have more educational opportunities going for them than in generations past. The world was changing rapidly and he urged the younger generation to recognize the special opportunities available to them: "I think given the complexity of the world, the need for innovation, and the plethora of opportunities which now exist, our young people must regard themselves as privileged to be young within this period."
The Florida Caribbean Students Association (FCSA) is scheduled to host its 36th Conference at the University of South Florida on April 9th through April 11th 2010 under the theme, “Culture Shock: Spotlight on the Caribbean”. The FCSA conference is the leading Caribbean student event in Florida at which a wide cross section of Caribbean countries is represented.
Students and faculty from the FIU Art and Art History Department will join forces with the FIU’s Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity brothers, the Miami Heat Dance Team and the Institute of Black Family Life to assist Haitian children through art. As part of their contribution to FIU's Global Learning Initiative, the Art Department encourages the community to create wearable art to help children in need around the world through The Art of Giving (TAG) project.Next month, FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Professor Dr. Pilar Martin will take around 700 pairs of individually designed Converse sneakers to children between the ages of 1 and 17 currently residing in three orphanages in Haiti. 
Just as there are works of art that radiate a message of love and peace, there are also objects that attest to the capacity of inhumanity in the world. This darker side of mankind is captured in Instruments of Torture through the Ages, an exhibition of nearly a hundred instruments designed for torturing and executing.
Over 30 young men of the St. Aloysius Primary School were honoured by the school and members of Pan Caribbean Financial Services (PCFS) for their outstanding performance throughout the academic year, last week.The award ceremony which took place during the school's annual Boys' Day, saw presentations from Peter Knibb, Chief Financial Officer of PCFS, and Keisha Goldburn, a teacher at the school.