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A Broward County detention center isn’t every student’s ideal spring break getaway. But for more than three dozen law students from across the country, that’s just where they want to be this year.

The students are participating in an alternative spring break experience organized by the law schools at Florida International University and the University of Miami to help Haitians in South Florida apply for temporary protected status (TPS) and other immigration relief.

ImageJust as there are works of art that radiate a message of love and peace, there are also objects that attest to the capacity of inhumanity in the world. This darker side of mankind is captured in Instruments of Torture through the Ages, an exhibition of nearly a hundred instruments designed for torturing and executing.
The Florida Caribbean Students Association (FCSA) is scheduled to host its 36th Conference at the University of South Florida on April 9th through April 11th 2010 under the theme, “Culture Shock: Spotlight on the Caribbean”. The FCSA conference is the leading Caribbean student event in Florida at which a wide cross section of Caribbean countries is represented.
ImageYoungArts, the core program of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, will open its registration on March 15 for 17-18 year old high school senior artists in the literary, performing and visual arts (across the disciplines of Voice, Music, Jazz, Cinematic Arts, Writing, Photography, Theater, Dance and Visual Arts). YoungArts accepts applications from students from across the country through an online application process.