What Kamala Harris Stands for, Against in Campaign for U.S. President

Caribbean American Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is running for president of the United States. Below are some of the policies she supports and some she’s against:

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Medicare for everyone – Harris believes healthcare is a right for all and backed a 2017 bill by fellow Sen. Bernie Sanders which calls for universal health care, including the possible phasing out of private health insurance.

Criminal justice reform – The former prosecutor believes, for example, too many people are currently being imprisoned for minor crimes and minorities are often subjected to those punishments.

Debt free college – Harris calls it “a priority” and proposes overhaul of the system whichoften leaves graduates stuck in student loan debt.

Tax relief– She has proposed a “Lift Act”, which Harris says will give persons making less than $100,000 a year a $6,000 annual tax credit - $500 a month. “We have to correct the course,” Harris says, referring to the current tax system that benefits the extremely wealthy.

Gun control – Harris supports policies like background checks for potential gun owners. “We have got to have smart gun safety laws,” she says.

Immigration reform – The senator, for example, supports “Dreamers” and the right for immigrants to have a path to U.S. citizenship.

Troop withdrawal – Harris wants American military to return home from foreign lands “immediately,” but stresses “in a smart way.”

Addressing climate change – She says it’s “an existential threat to us” and “our planet is at great risk.”


Separation of children from parents at the U.S. border – Harris has blasted as “inhumane” the current policy, which the administration of President Donald Trump says acts as a deterrent to illegal immigration.

Death penalty – The senator says she’s “personally” against the policy.

Barriers– Harris vows to vote against any spending for a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Wealth inequality – Harris says it’s “unconscionable” that people holding full time jobs cannot afford rent.